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Better Business Bureau

For over 100 years, BBB has been pursuing a mission to advance marketplace trust. Today’s BBB is so much more. Customer reviews are everywhere, social media is the ‘wild west’ where a single comment can go viral – regardless of its truthfulness – and customers demand more transparency and immediacy than ever. With a wide range of information and tools, BBB is helping entrepreneurs and business leaders navigate these complex times, while growing sustainable companies from a foundation of ethics and integrity.

We’re in your corner.

SmartCat Marketing

Nicole supports local businesses by working with other skilled entrepreneurs to bring top-notch marketing and sales services to Nova Scotia companies. 

With more than two decades of experience as a sales and marketing professional throughout Atlantic Canada, Nicole has worked with multi-million dollar companies, benefiting from some of the best digital marketing, sales, and advertising training in the country.

BrightShadow Business Solutions

We provide solutions for your business by helping you understand the people and programs you encounter every day.

We also provide realistic and affordable web development and marketing solutions that will get your message across without distracting you from your business.