September 21, 2019

Halifax Harbourfront Marriott

Our Why


We believe that providing tools, essential skills, and a foundation support system encourages entrepreneurs to reach THEIR business goals.


We believe that inspiration comes from within. Our purpose is to draw out your inspiration to make an immediate impact in YOUR business.


We believe that staying true to our principles and helping entrepreneurs succeed will lead us all into a time of economic growth and long term sustainability.

We believe in YOU!


The mission of EGS is to grow and inspire current and upcoming entrepreneurs so that we can lead our region into the next decade. We believe that we have an amazing amount of talent in our region and by working together, we can overcome any obstacle to create a successful culture. Too often we spend time working against each other. We believe that by coming together, we can all achieve so much more.

Our passion is help people achieve their idea of success. EGS is a culmination of that passion. We created EGS with the focus of not having “just another conference” but creating the conference that will make a difference for everyone. Creating a conference that does so much more than just energize and inspire but gives useful, actionable items that can make a difference in the day to day business life of a small business owner.

We are bringing together some of the best of our local talent with some of the bigger thinkers on the bigger stage to provide a day of information and networking. If you are an entrepreneur (or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur) and are looking to grow your business to the next level, then this is the conference for you.

We are PROUD supporters of:

Dress for Success Halifax

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.  Dress for Success Halifax has suited more than 2000 women since opening its doors in HRM and serves every client by way of multiple referral agencies.

How we support you

entrepreneur growth summit


Panel discussions and workshops bringing you the most current and relevant regional business information.


Designed to provide useful skills, tips, and tricks you can implement to make a difference in your business.

entrepreneur growth summit


Motivational, Inspirational, and Informational people that have implemented the principles for business success.

Big Picture

They see a bigger picture and have gone through many obstacles. Here to share their wisdom and experience.

entrepreneur growth summit


Visit our local businesses and organizations that support your business. You are not in this alone, let us help you.


These people have the same mission, to provide you with what you need to achieve YOUR idea of success.

entrepreneur growth summit


An opportunity to build your network of influence. To see how you can help others and others can help you.


No person is an island. No-one needs to go it alone. Build your external team and create win-win situations.

Essential Themes

Small Business Stats & Facts

Small business employment by province

National Average 71%
Nova Scotia 74%
New Brunswick 71%
Prince Edward Island 79%
Newfoundland & Labrador 75%

Our accomplishments

  • 72% of all new jobs in Atlantic Canada are in small business (ACOA)

  • 35% of all entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada are women (ACOA)

  • 97.9% of all businesses in Canada are small business

  • 27% of research and development (2011-2013) was through small business

  • 30% of GDP for each province is contributed through small business

Be Part of the Future

Speakers – Here to help you climb!

Tyler Hayden

Our Emcee! Tyler Hayden is a keynote speaker like you’ve never seen before! Tyler has been an internationally respected team builder, author, and business speaker since 1996.  He delivers a powerful punch that inspires teams, innovates management techniques, and invigorates team culture. When it comes to empowering audiences and teams to succeed—and to be their best every day—Tyler leads the way with insight and laughter. He is the author of sixteen books and the creative mind behind 100’s of powerful and fun team building products. His team building workshops and motivational keynote speeches receive rave reviews from managers and business leaders alike.  Make sure your seat backs are up and your table trays are stowed, because we are about to unleash him …

Pete Luckett

Welcome Pete!
At age 14, he saw opportunity in the sights, sounds and flavours of England’s busy outdoor food markets. Part theatrical sideshow, part business-savvy–Pete saw a perfect niche for his gregarious personality and produce know how. He learned how to stand out in a crowd by offering excellent quality, unique products and a fun, exciting shopping experience.

Jen Waldman

Jen Waldman helps people hone in on their unique gifts, empowering them to take action with authenticity and heart. Using her background in the arts, she encourages creative thinking and imagination, so that others can cultivate new ideas and share them with the world. 

Jen and Simon Sinek united several years ago when Simon became aware that Jen was using the Golden Circle to inspire artists to make a greater impact with their work. The two recognized that by combining their efforts they could help people across many different industries discover their WHY and bring it to life. Jen now travels the world offering Why-inspired  keynotes and workshops on leadership, communication, and presentation skills so that individuals and organizations can have more impact with their ideas.